About us

Established in 1977, Junior Supélec Stratégie (J2S) has been able to capitalize on its 35 years of experience to be today an engineering Junior-Enterprise whose skills and expertise are widely recognized.

Thanks to the excellence of the academic program of Supélec, J2S performs high level executions in every field taught in its engineering school. In particular, it achieved a wide diversification of its activities: its partnership with Marketing Méditerranée, a business Junior-Enterprise, allows J2S to extend its expertise to that of a great business school.

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Our awards

In 2008, J2S was awarded the Junior-Enterprise Engineering Prize for the best technical realization of the year in France.

In 2010, J2S won the Junior-Enterprise Excellence Award and thus was acknowledged as the best Junior-Enterprise of France. This prize is awarded by the institutional partners of the CNJE (KPMG, Altran, and BNP Parisbas), the Junior-Enterprise Alumni and the business journal Les Échos. The aim of the Excellence Award is to highlight every year the Junior-Enterprises which achieved the best performance so that the other structures can take example on them and learn from their experience. Among these selected J-E., one of them is annually distinguished for its exemplarity.

In 2014, J2S is honored again by the Excellence Award. Confirming its strong asset of having three offices with Rennes and Metz showing impressive development, the Junior-Entreprise becomes one of the few to have received this reward more than once.

Working at the European scale

J2S participates to the European movement of Junior-Enterprise, JADE, by sharing its skills and knowledge, especially in quality management, with other Junior-Enterprises from all over Europe.

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One company, three locations

In 2008, J2S merged with the Junior-Enterprise of Supélec Rennes and Metz to become the only Junior-Enterprise to be active in three different places. This merging represents a turning point in our activity and J2S now has a staff strong of 41 active members and with a potential of 1500 technical experts.